24 February 2014

31 Days of Drawings...

I'm making a habit of it.

05 January 2014

Paper by FiftyThree

A while back I downloaded FiftyThree's iPad drawing app called Paper. I doodled in it here and there, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I started to learn all the tools and features. The app has 5 drawing tools plus eraser. There's a full color picker and customizable color palettes. Also, there's a really clever lope feature for more precise work. 

I've used a few different drawing apps on iOS, but Paper is by far the most intuitive I've come across. The only real complaint that I have about the app is that in order to take full advantage of the precise brushes and features, you should use a stylus. I use the Cosmonaut by Studio Neat. It's great and is the size of a dry erase marker. Besides that, it's an awesome app. Take a few moments and check it out at: fiftythree.com/paper