28 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Even though it's a couple days late, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

an opossum

27 August 2010

The Absent Minded Illustrator

Usually, I don't post links to other websites but I just couldn't resist telling you aboutTeuxDeux.com.

I have the memory of a 70 year old... Which is unfortunate for an illustrator. To combat this, my wife and I have post-it notes everywhere with various little to-do lists on them. From doing the laundry, ordering new business cards, cleaning Maus' box (she's our cat), illustration and story ideas, and making sure I get exercise, the little lists are perhaps the most valuable tool I use as an illustrator and a human. Hence, I'm always on the lookout to find a better and more efficient ways to create and manage my lists. So, try out TeuxDeux!.. It's free! I love the format and simplicity of it, and it'll cut my office supply budget by a wapping 599 cents a month!

25 August 2010

"Starbuck" for Illustrationology...


I started this illustration for Illustrationology over a month ago, but for some weird reason I never felt like it was any good or even worth finishing. I sketched it out a dozen or so times, and tried painting it three times (second attempt below). Above is the final result – which I'm content with but I'll probably revisit this in the future.

2nd attempt

06 August 2010

Discovery Park



Spent a couple hours drawing yesterday at Discovery Park. The park is huge! There's an active Fort for the National Reserve, a light house, and tons of trails that lead to grassy fields and some amazing old trees.

30 July 2010

Modern Dog - Board Book Submission

finished piece

sketch and color test


I submitted an illustration for a book on skate, surf, and snowboards Modern Dog is putting together. I haven't skateboarded in a long time, but it was fun to buy a blank deck and draw on it. Hopefully It'll make the cut... Fingers crossed.

26 July 2010

Board Sketches...

I also had a jellyfish idea... Frankly, I just didn't scan the post-it.
Much more to come.

22 July 2010

Finished Preschool Logo

I've been keeping myself fairly busy rebranding Rose Hill Christian Preschool and revamping their website. Here's the finalized logo. Honestly, I'm really proud of it. It is the first identity/branding work I've ever done. It was a good challenge and fun, but I know I don't want to make a living at it.

The whole project is in the final stages, so I'm feeling creatively refreshed and excited to work on a couple illustration/character ideas that I've back-burnered for way too long.

10 July 2010

Off the radar...

Its summer time and I've been pretty unproductive. However, I am creating a new website and logo for the preschool that my Mom is the director of and the head teacher. I don't think I'm the best at actual real design things let alone a logo for a real business. However, above are various ideas for logo colors. Feedback always welcome.

This is another variation on the 'Kid's Hand' concept that we are working with.

17 June 2010

Don't Forget Your Father

Father's Day is this Sunday.
Don't forget to buy him something... Perhaps a 6 pack of Rainier Beer.

11 June 2010

07 June 2010

Mirelle Clothing

My amazing wife is a fashion designer. I designed her logo for her line called Mirelle Clothing. So for all you ladies out there, watch out! You'll probably find yourself seeing one of her pieces and saying to yourself "I want that."

03 June 2010

Plein Air Pastel

This is the first pastel painting I've done in quite a long time. I forgot how enjoyable and tough the medium is. More to come....

24 May 2010

banner for illustrationology

Nothing much, but I figured it was worth a post.

23 May 2010

13 May 2010

Terrible Yellow Eyes

Inspired by the "Terrible Yellow Eyes" blog... Worth checking out.


08 May 2010

Middle Fork

Yesterday, I went on a hike with my friend John Deininger to paint plein air at the the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River. I had a blast! I don't get out to the Cascades as much as I wish I could.

03 May 2010

Lecture Doodle

When signed up to attend Cornish College of the Arts I thought I was going to spend 4 productive years learning about illustration. During those 4 years at Cornish, I estimate I sat through 3½ years of teachers lecturing me on "how it is in the real world" and "you need to know web design and typography because no one needs illustration anymore."

That being said, I found one of my old doodles from a lecture! Neat!

29 April 2010

City Kitties Auction

Illustration for a benefit auction for City Kitties Rescue in Philadelphia: citykitties.org/art/

The cat in the illustration is Hannah. My oldest brother found her on his paper-route when we were teenagers. She was a very sweet cat. She loved to nudge people. She passed away a few weeks ago.



Framed for auction

27 April 2010

22 April 2010

Plein Air Painting

'Tis my first try ever.

20 April 2010

18 April 2010


I've been working with a brush-pen lately.

16 April 2010

08 April 2010


Here's another re-illustration for a birthday card. I'm still not very comfortable with watercoloring, but I'm really proud of this little goldfish. What do you think?

06 April 2010

31 March 2010