27 February 2010


We gave this to our new neighbors as a house warming gift.
What are your thoughts on the style? Color? General reactions?

26 February 2010

Maus Cat Correspondence

About a year ago, my wife told me that I could and should make some greeting cards to sell at her store in UVillage. I was a bit reluctant at first, but managed to make a Valentine's Day card and sold 14 in a 2 week period! Since then, I've illustrated 12 different greeting cards and sold just over a hundred. I now have a business license, and I'm going to see if any other stores would be willing to sell them on consignment.

I've put together a blog. Take a look! Each card is $3.50.

Email my cat Maus for orders, card ideas, and even illustration jobs. Eventually, I'll get a full on website, but right now its just a Tim and Maus Cat operation.

(My goal is to sell enough to pay my student loans each month... If I do the math correctly, that means that I need to sell 192.85 cards/month. Yikes!)

16 February 2010

A wonderful evening with my wife...

We were working at her store in UVillage where I drew some skulls.