27 August 2010

The Absent Minded Illustrator

Usually, I don't post links to other websites but I just couldn't resist telling you aboutTeuxDeux.com.

I have the memory of a 70 year old... Which is unfortunate for an illustrator. To combat this, my wife and I have post-it notes everywhere with various little to-do lists on them. From doing the laundry, ordering new business cards, cleaning Maus' box (she's our cat), illustration and story ideas, and making sure I get exercise, the little lists are perhaps the most valuable tool I use as an illustrator and a human. Hence, I'm always on the lookout to find a better and more efficient ways to create and manage my lists. So, try out TeuxDeux!.. It's free! I love the format and simplicity of it, and it'll cut my office supply budget by a wapping 599 cents a month!

25 August 2010

"Starbuck" for Illustrationology...


I started this illustration for Illustrationology over a month ago, but for some weird reason I never felt like it was any good or even worth finishing. I sketched it out a dozen or so times, and tried painting it three times (second attempt below). Above is the final result – which I'm content with but I'll probably revisit this in the future.

2nd attempt

06 August 2010

Discovery Park



Spent a couple hours drawing yesterday at Discovery Park. The park is huge! There's an active Fort for the National Reserve, a light house, and tons of trails that lead to grassy fields and some amazing old trees.