02 August 2011


Here's what I've been working on lately. Since I drew this it's gone through some revisions. I let you know when the final is finished and hopefully you'll be enjoying some vino with my illustration on the bottle.

13 July 2011

a bit of a mistake....

My apologies. I signed up with Google+ and was organizing my photo albums and decided to delete all the ones that are not personal to me. Unknowingly, I deleted all my blog images. As it turns out, Google creates the albums of the actual images off of blogger and picsa so deleting the album deletes the image off of the interwebs.

I'll be working (when I) can to re-upload all the images I can in each blog post.

I admit, I'm a doofus.

25 April 2011

Wait!... That's not a Sasquatch.

I've managed to weasel my way into the Sasquatch! poster show this year (thanks friends!). The poster is getting screen printed at the moment, so I'll update with a photo when they come in.

The show itself is at the end of May. You should come! It'll be a blast. I'll post details when they come.

2 screens 4 critters

10 February 2011

As time goes by...

I've been slacking off big time. I know, I know, there isn't really any worth-while excuse to not be creating and sharing illustrations. The good news is that I've not got a bit of a job! I'm contracted to BlastRadius as a Jr. Designer/Prod Artist.